The Worldwide Whiz: Multicultural Etiquette

The Worldwide Whiz: Turn Global Guessing into International Intelligence

With companies recognizing the opportunity within international commerce, firms have turned to doing business abroad. This new trend requires multicultural etiquette to unify people of different traditions in order to establish a vernacular medium of communication and effectively transition into healthy business. Multicultural etiquette involves understanding both the basic protocols of foreign communities and observing how other cultures perceive your own. One must know the appropriate gestures for various situations in addition to acting with proper business behavior. 

Luann will help you bridge across cultures and build strong relations with new partners, co-workers, and clients. In order to have a great first impression, Luann touches on meeting and greeting individuals. Brief descriptions of cultures supplement the gestures demonstrated. Eliminate a foreign faux by recognizing and avoiding global taboos. Luann introduces the proper etiquette for a wide range of situations so you will feel comfortable and assertive in many different environments and circumstances. By utilizing Luann’s instruction, you will feel prepared for your company’s global endeavors.