You’ve got Mail, You’ve got too much Mail!

Streamlining all that mail!! I don’t know about your e-mail accounts but my office e-mail receives more mail than I do phone calls. Since there is a steady and over abundance of e-mails how can we make our lives easier and more professional with e-mails.
-One of tips to keep in mind is that after 3-4 e-mails just develop the habit to pick up the phone and call the person for clarification. Mis communications can happen so readily. Text is not a voice with human inflection and some people contact can easily clear some situations up.
-Make sure and address the person by their name not ‘hey you” or address a professor by his/her by last name unless they have indicated it is ok to use their first name. Being presumptuous about peoples titles is considered unprofessional.
– make sure the e-mail heading is clear and specific for the recipient. Headings such as ” for you” are just to vague. Be specific ” confirming meeting on April 17″ or “inquiry about Chicago museums” is specific enough for the recipient to be able to assist quickly.

Send responsible mail!!