Your moai group

I have this wonderful group of women freinds and we bike once a week together. Not only do we share the wonderful outdoors together, but we chat and talk as women do,we share and get caught in each others lives.  We are receiving physical exercise at something we all enjoy and our life connections are just as valuble. We biked  17 miles last night and I am feeling that kind of physical tiredness today that you have after an evening of  excersion. I think I am in shape and then I am surprised it takes me a while to recover.

If you belong to a moai group ( group of friend whom have an interest that get together regularly) you actually live longer and more satisfied with life. That is what this group serves and they are delightful women. Just curious if any of you belong to that “mowi” group. Let me know. We are engaged in that term here in my community as we are working on our blue zones status. That is a blog topic for another time.

Enjoy your day and make it your own!