Utterly Salad!!

IMG_3791Salad is on my mind after teaching a vinaigrette class yesterday. We had a great time making some flavorful concoctions just using a jar as our container.` A great vinaigrette is just 3 parts oil to one part of an acid ( meaning a vinegar, lemon or lime juice or another citrus fruit.) A little Dijon mustard adds a robust flavor, salt and pepper and you are ready to go.
Some add ins are limitless such as herbs for a more savory dressing, small portions of jams and jellies that are left over to create a sweeter vinaigrettes . Grated ginger and sesame oil are a great combination for that Asian influence on a salad.
Don’t forget that vinaigrettes are great as marinades on meat , fish or poultry. Some of the sweeter mixtures are great on fruit salads and even hot vegetables. The possibilities are endless.
When choosing fresh herbs chop them up finely to add to the vinaigrette so people don’t have a huge piece of parsley to contend with.
When eating salad remember the flavor of the greens are what is important here and about 1 Tablespoon of vinaigrette to 2 cups of greens.
Happy Salad making!