The “Hula” portion

I have to speak again about my wonderful travels to Hawaii.  Not only is the scenary spectacular  but the food is fresh and simple.  Beautiful presented and served.  The Hawaiians even in spite of their ideal weather, have  enormous health care issues.  The obesity rate is in the 30 percentile range and the diabetes rate is climbing ever higher.

One of the practices I did see that liked was the portions sizes were adequate in Hawaii.  Your plates were mounding with food that you fill you need to consume because it was on your plate or because you paid for it.  It was enough to satisfy you mentally as well as physically.   The other practice I noticed was the salt and peppers were absent on the tables in restaurants. They just weren’t there. You could request them and loved the giant pepper mills that would arrive at your table with the fresh grind of pepper to your food.  Food is made to seasoned accurately before it arrives at your table so we just need to give it a chance.

In my own opinion, and from what  I learned from the lectures I attended in Hawaii, the socializing during a meal is extremely important and they want you have time to linger, drink your glass of wine and “hang loose” or “downshift” as we say in Blue Zones terms.  Until my next blog ” Aloha…..”IMG_1238 IMG_1236