The Aloha Factor

IMG_20150121_133337   I had no idea after visiting Hawaii it would be so infectious. What I mean is saying “aloha” as a greeting to each and every one you meet. For the Hawaiians it means, peace to you, love, warm hospitality and a welcoming hello all in one greeting. It is even used as a closing to conversation and saying ” Goodbye” The Hawaiians wish you well, harmony and contentment all in one word. I didn’t have any idea before I went to visit that it encompasses such a multitude of greetings. I want to continue saying it back here in the “mainland” as the Hawaiians refer to it. I had never reflected on that thought either, that living in the continental states was the mainland to those that live in Hawaii.
The Hawaiians are very proud of their land, food and culture and try very hard to maintain it and keep it sustainable. The want tourists to be aware of preserving the water, the land and to be respectful of their islands. The Hawaiians live in a very fragile environment with water being a prime commodity.
I came away realizing it is more than just nice beaches and white sand. ” Aloha” to all of you and more about the food and culture in upcoming blogs.