The Entrepreneurial Edge

Get the entrepreneurial edge from Luann! After 24 years successful years as an informational entrepreneur, Luann serves as a reliable source to discuss the prospect of entrepreneurship. First, she will inform the audience about what entrepreneurship involves and transitional tips to make a beginning business a booming business. Her analysis of the audience also evaluates the skills, mental drive and dedication imperative to succeeding in an entrepreneurial position. Hear firsthand about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship along with the joys and adversities this career entails.

Luann will help you make the decision to pursue an entrepreneurial career. With her personal experience, she will become a valuable tool and asset to help you overcome the inertia of changing your status quo to enter the world of entrepreneurship, where personal satisfaction and economical opportunity lies hidden within the risks. With the potential for both high success and failure, you want Luann’s assistance to help you put your best effort into your new career path.