RSVP’s and the holidays

Events, Dates, times and………….. Consideration?? With the holidays comes the time to remember to let hosts and hostesses what your status is with the event you have been invited too. It doesn’t matter how casual the event , it is considered common consideration to inform the host that you are coming or have declined. It is perfectly acceptable in these digital times to send an e-mail , phone call or text message to inform a host or hostess what your intentions are for an event.
What are some common considerations: Respond within 48 hours of an invitation to let people know. If the invite says “Regrets only” then respond if you are not coming and do it promptly. Even if you are not sure, you can let them know that and they or you can get back to them when your plans have firmed up.
With family it is still considered appropriate to let them know your intentions. With family dynamics they may be less forgiving than friends , so be sure you are just as considerate with a family gathering. When planning food or seating, a guest has that responsibility to inform the host or hostess.
To reveal my own lack of attention to detail, I was called by a host to see if we were attending the event. They were trying to do some last minute planning and I had left them unsure. Think about your time and their time in planning such an event and don’t be lax in your communications. Be thankful, that you are included as guest and be a guest with finesse!