Raising Well Being!

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I live in a city that is on the constant path of raising well-being. What do I mean by that? Raising well being is having opportunity to thrive , grow and be the person you were meant to be. We are a Blue zones certified city which according to the National Best Selling book by Dan Butteneur is a place where your longevity is increased and the happiness quotient is raised as well. It is constant work in progress from our restaurants, schools and work-sites that are striving to be places where people thrive and grow. Take a look at Delicious Living Magazine that captured this story and they tell just as it is. We still have work to do with more education in our schools about local produce and growers, more work-sites to provide walking paths and healthy options in their vending machines. Our churches have captured the longevity theme and are providing healthier options during fellowship times and providing activities where people are involved in physical activity.
We all are trying to work together, to raise awareness and healthy longevity. If you want to know more contact me or www.bluezones.com for more information.