Peanut Pointers

peanut imageIt is all about that favorite snack, the peanut! Not a nut, but really a legume, peanuts are associated with warmer weather, ball games , festivals and other happy events such as a bridal or baby showers .
Peanuts are a powerhouse of nutrition , being the nut with the highest protein content. 1 0z of nuts provides 7 grams of protein and that can be used as some meat replacement. They provide Vitamin E and manganese which is necessary for healthy cell reproduction.
The state of Georgia in the US grows and harvests 46% of the peanut crop and with all those nuts it takes 540 nuts to produce a 12 oz. jar of peanut butter.
Since nuts are part of a healthy diet and studies show those individuals who eat nuts five times a week or more live longer than those who don’t, I thought we should include some ideas of how to incorporate them in our diet and how do we eat them.
Sprinkle on cereal, on your salad for some extra crunch. Chop and sprinkle some nuts and use them as garnish on soup or an appetizer.
With all this discussion about peanuts, they do have a challenging side. What do I do with those shells? Do I just drop the shell and leave it wherever it roams? It is not as critical outdoors, but when at ballgames and theatres the shells should be collected and thrown away.
When served nuts in a serving dish with a spoon, use the spoon ( not your fingers) for spooning them on your plate. Once on your plate you may eat them with your fingers as well as other nuts.
Peanutty this summer!