Minding your Peas and Q’s

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etiquette tea and entire class

Manners and Meals Monday: It seems that many people are approaching me not only about culinary experiences but manners and etiquette, one of my favorite topics!!
In my community we held a tea and etiquette experience for young girls and the important women in their lives.
The young girls were precious and they were curious. Not only curious, but wanting to know about being a lady and a contributing member of society with some polish and finesse.
We learned how to greet others, walk, sit and stand without fidgeting and making a fuss. With our lives being so technical it is quite refreshing to meet a human being and know the niceities of introducing yourselves and making others feel comfortable. We can start teaching when children are about 3-4 years of age letting them know it is polite to have a degree of manners.
what should you be teaching young children.
At age 2, teach your children to say “Please and thank you”. It is a great beginning to teach civility and have children recoginize when someone performs a special task for you , thank you is appropriate, rather than having an entitled expectant behavior. Let me know your thoughts about teaching children manners.