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US Rice Producers Association: Spotlights Healthy Cooking Classes
The state of Iowa is trying to reach a goal of becoming the healthiest state, along with the help and research of Blue zones and a state health intuitive. Louann’s cooking classes teach students how to prepare food and learn preparation techniques as well as nutritional information. Read more from this article on The Rice Advocate.

Get Fit: Luann Alemao
Producer & Host
Get knowledgeable, get healthy and get active with Get Fit!  Luann produces and hosts her own television show dedicated to helping the Cedar Valley area. Her unique blend of home economics and healthy lifestyles will have you making little changes in your life and reaping huge dividends in return.

Luann and her “Get Fit” Crew

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Luann’s Recommended Reading List
Luann handpicked her book, “Grip Grin & Greet”, among several other books that complement her large group lectures and personal coaching. Reading this book helps to reiterate, reinforce and build upon the material Luann stressed in her collaboration with you.

The Second Edition – of the proclaimed service orientated book
Grip, Grin and Greet: A Popular Guide to Success for Work and Play

Author: Luann Alemao $15.00 + shipping and handling

Building relationship and leadership skills has never seemed easier! The updated second edition includes practice exercises to supplement the information provided, so you can conveniently practice without any assistance from a professional. New protocols will keep you up-to-date on the how to use latest wave of technology. Your networking power will grow with the additional tips and tricks. Find it on the shelf and help yourself!

An Excerpt from Luann Alemao’s New Book,”Grip Grin & Greet”

Words that Invite

Its helpful to be able
to recognize and interpet
the words used on an invitation.
They refer to the dress.the climate
of the affair and are a good indicator
of what to expect.

“the pleasure of your company”
A More Formal Affair

“Are you available”
Casual Affiar

“please join us”
Very Casual affair