It’s all about the stem!

Asparagus is on my mind today as I write. I love the versatility of this vegetable and it also has some special  methods of eating it properly.
Asparagus is grown primarily in California and Michiagan .
This stem vegetable is most plentiful from February until June and it seems we have culinary dreams about asparagus this time of year.
This stem vegetable provides with a compound of nutrition from healthy blood vessels to glutathione (a compound with strong tendacies to help reduce cancers) to potassium.
One spear is approximaelty 20 calories and loads of fiber so you can have an asparagus fill in no time. The periodontics experts have a few tips on what you should eat to strengthen your gums as well.
When dining eating asparagus, here is the protocol ( when firm you may eat it with your finger, when limp , eat it with knife and fork.)
One of our favorite ways to appreciate asparagus is roasting the little gems. Roasting brings out the sugars in the asparagus like no other cooking method.
Here is a simple recipe : One bunch of asparagus, and break off the tough stems and use them for soup. Asparagus is amazing it knows naturally where it’s tough parts are. Just snap and break!
When grilling asparagus use the large stems , as they wont fall through and the intense heat is better with larger stems.
Lay the stems and tips on a roasting pan or cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil.
Drizzle with balsamic vinegar ( a quality variety). Sprinkle with ground fresh pepper and salt and roast for about 5-8 minutes on 350 degrees. For added color and texture sprinkle with sesame seeds or dill. This is delectable!!

Happy Spring and delectable Stems!AsparagusSpears8