Got Fish???

Fish, fish and more fish. One of the great longevity traits of long living people is the consumption of fish. If you have read Dan Buttettner’s book “Blue Zones”Fish with Fennel you know that fish helps to add life to your years and long years at that. Pescatarians by definition are folks who only consume fish as their ” meat” …. In the adapted sense eating fish once a day is considered a pescatarian diet…
Eating fish responsibly and being environmentally conscious is one tip to keep in mind if you do want to increase your consumption of fish. One of the greatest resources is Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey , California. They provide a guide that will help you with your selection of fish and be a responsible consumer.
Fish is “fast food” and any fillet that can cook in 15 minutes or less can satisfy a family in no time.
With those steak eaters, what about a tuna steak? Not only meaty and flavorful tuna steaks take less than 10 minutes depending how you like your meat prepared.
Artic Char was a new fish for me last week and it s melt in the mouth properties and salmon like texture makes it a winner. It is more sustainable than salmon and just as flavorful. if you read this blog let me know where you purchase it where you live. Just one fish serving per week can be a one degree shift in some diets and I encourage it.
Fish dishes are where it’s at!!