Flight to the Finish

We are approaching the travel season and I thought I would consult with a guest blogger that has served in the airline industry for over 24 years. Jackie , (my guest blogger friend) has given me some pointers and suggestions for the traveler by air to enhance their travel experience.
It seems easy to make negative comments about the hospitality issues on board a plane ,but from the flight attendant perspective it may have a little different look.
Time is of the essence when it comes to flying and having a prime experience. Make sure that you give yourself enough time when arriving to your flight
( usually one to two hours prior to the flight). There are many airline apps that allow you to know flight delays or time changes and may be a time saver for you.
Make sure and dress in layers as a flight may be chilly. You can’t expect to dress for the weather of your destination. Bring your own travel pillow for your comfort .

When wearing your IMG_20150122_093519ear buds to listen to music or drown out the baby cries, make sure and remove them when the flight attendant come through and speaks to you.
Use the lavatories after the beverage cart has been through. The beverage cart can weigh about 275 lbs ( I had no idea)  and is not the most mobile so it would help out if you wait until after the flight attendants have passed through serving flyers.
The airlines job is to get you to the destination and they will, to the best of their ability . Thanks to my guest blogger, Jackie and her insight into flight travel.