Farmers Market Mania

Just returned from a phenomenal farmers market excursion in Madison , Wisconsin. What a display masterpiece and you could just smell the veggies and fruits on display and the aromas were magnificent. The market is the largest producer market in the US. It has over 300 sellers and the most organized and the most beautifully displayed market I had ever seen. They encourage biking to their market and bike racks were furnished on every corner and everywhere. It was full of sights and sounds at every angle and I just enjoyed the colors, the culinary ideas I was forming and getting to know the local farmers in the Wisconsin area. You can sample and have conversation with the grower at the same time. In observation of the market and it’s 20,000┬áconsumers that visit each season it was well organized and an eye catching experience. I was impressed with the decorum of shoppers and the products. Here are some Market Manner ideas to keep in mind when you shop.
– The produce is freshly picked and ripe and doesn’t need much testing for ripeness. They are eater ready, so fondling the merchandise isn’t really necessary.IMG_20150704_085741
-Find out if pets are allowed. In crowded markets they are often not permitted for safety reasons.
– The samples are there for your enjoyment and taste pleasure, not to build a sandwich with.
– Get to know your grower by having a simple conversation , haggling the price may not be appropriate for some markets, but at the end of the shopping day it may be useful.

Just enjoy the sites and sounds of the Market experience!