Enjoy the Beauty, just take Photos

IMG_20150121_133337     It has been on my mind that civility is all around you and wherever you travel you must research the culture and develop a level of respect for whatever foreign lands that you travel.
Little courtesies such as staying on trails, leaving the sand and shells, taking only memories, reusing towels and only taking water at restaurants that you are going to consume can be of help.
I didn’t have any prior knowledge about Hawaii’s fragile eco system before traveling there . As tourists and the Hawaiians do depend on the revenue that we provide (tourism is the number 1 industry) we need to be cognoscente of the water system and the amount of water that we use. Since the islands are created as the result of volcanos there is a fragile balance of salt and fresh water and once the fresh water supply is tapped to deep or if it doesn’t rain , the salt water could flood the water lines and the water supply is contaminated. I had no idea and we were very conscious at that point of the use of towels and other items of clothing that needed to be washed. Hawaiians are proud , respectful people and hesitate about stressing how fragile their living environment is. If we all spent a little more time being mindful of that gum wrapper we just tossed, we can enjoy a tropical paradise for a long time to come.