Culinary Team Building

Would you like to improve the 3 C’s of Team Building: Creativity, Collaboration and Communication?

Come join Luann & Associates to help strengthen your team’s effectiveness through fun and healthy activities. Through Culinary Team Building, Luann uses Blue Zone inspired meals in the culinary team building process to help you and your co-workers prepare Blue Zone inspired meals, teach you about the origins of the food you are preparing and explain why these foods are important. Through confidence building, collaborative cooking activities, Luann will teach your team about healthy delicious meals that can be prepared at home to help you all live a healthier life style.

Our goals:

  • Enhanced communication
  • Increased creative thinking
  • Strengthened time management skills
  • Teamwork and trust
  • Increased collaboration between team members
  • Organizational skills
  • Planning skills

For more information about Blue Zones, please reference the Blue Zone’s tab above.

longevity hotspots

Menus and Pricing

– Set Fee of $25 per person

– Different menu prices range from $30-$60 each

Different Menus to Choose from:

-Costa Rican Menu ($30-$45)

-Ikaria, Greece Menu ($30-$45)

-Sardina, Italy Menu ($30-$45)

-Loma Linda, California menu ($30-$45)

-Okinawa, Japan menu ($30-$45)

-Lisbon, Portugal ( Mediterranean Fish Menu) ($50-$60)

*Ask for Details*

*Prices Subject to Seasonal Change*

spoon it Ikaria cooking class group


Spoon it Greek and sauteing onions

Customize Your Team Building Experience!

In your message to begin your experience, please include the following:

-What is the goal for your team?

-Approximate number of participants?

-Date and days you are interested in?

-What menu or menus are you interested in?

Please include all contact information. Thank you!




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