Client Testimonials:

“I can’t find the right words to describe you, but your a role model Keep up the excellent work! This experience will definitely help me in the future.”
Miriam Sanchez, Student at Turlock High School, TTP program

“Usually it takes years to build up the social etiquette that makes you successful in business situations and life in general. However, since I worked with Luann at such a young age (starting in grade school, she would visit our classes), I learned early about what is and isn’t appropriate in both personal and professional environments. In fact, I specifically remember Luann telling us about politely joining a conversation, without interrupting. This type of knowledge has helped me with countless experiences as a public relations executive in New York City. I’m so grateful Luann is still a part of my life, both in my etiquette practices and as a great friend!”
Emily Ritchie, Account Executive, Kinney & Kinsella, New York City

“In marketing, difference is recognized. If my marketing students stand out due to proper etiquette, they will be recognized and have a competitive advantage over others. Good etiquette and “dressing for success” gives a person confidence and an image of being professional.”
Craig Shoemaker, PhD., Marketing Professor, St. Ambrose University

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