Compassionate Snow Removal

            With additional snows approaching , and many of us around the country having our fill of plowing and scooping, it just brought to my attention the civility of the task of snow removal and beinIMG_1161g a good neighbor. We can relish in the fact that it is only 19 days until spring but our compassionate conduct towards snow removal may still need to prevail.
Look at snow removal as a community building kind of project, you may greet a neighbor that you haven’t seen all winter all when your out shoveling and snow blowing and that alone builds harmony in a neighborhood.
Your mail delivery person will really appreciate it when the area around your the mailboxes are clear so that mail can be delivered vehicle side or if they have to walk to the box. In many cities they will not deliver the mail if the area is obstructed and they can’t reach the box.

Keep the neighbors in mind when you start that snow blower on a Saturday morning at 6 am. Does it really need to be fired up that early or is it more of your anal behavior?? Sometimes it is necessary , evaluate your situation.
When people are alone, or on vacation, serving in the military and just not as able bodied as they once where we can do them a favor by removing their snow. The golden rule applies here and it is most appreciated.
Make sure the snow is removed from sidewalks, as many cities have ordinances that require the snow be removed.
Make sure and return all snow removing tools that you borrowed or ” stole” from your neighbors.
Compassionate snow removal is more about everyone surviving the winter and developing our citizenship.
Happy Meaningful Shoveling!!