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Tune in  to the videos and tips on Luann’s Instagram page. Learn tips, gather recipes and develop  Blue zone wellness ideas.
Here is what students are revealing about the “Spoon it with Luann experience”

“Every month I really look forward to Luann Alemao’s cooking class! It is my gift to myself to participate in it! Luann helps us learn about the Blue Zones and the many positive aspects of the Mediterranean diet.”- Pauline.

Luann’s Spoon It classes have been a great way to try new dishes using different ingredients that I might not have tried on my own. The recipes are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find in any supermarket. It’s also been fun to meet new people who are also interested in cooking healthy and having a fun evening together. I look forward to each month’s classes and new dishes to try!”  – Sara

Limited spaces!! Each class includes hands on experiences in the kitchen of making and creating healthy meals all inspired by Blue Zones regions. Each class offers a featured speaker to enhance the culinary experience. Come and experience the culture, music and wine if you wish. Following each class we will offer an optional wine experience in downtown Cedar Falls.

Spoon it with Luann at home!

The latest concept is to conduct the classes in someone’s home.   I

f you know of someone that would like to bring people together to cook, enjoy great cuisine,

 and cook for a cause, this is your venue.

The host or hostess selects the nonprofit of their choice to contribute part of the proceeds.  The rest of us learn skills, have a great time being together and it is all in someone’s home.

Please let me know if you would like to conduct a class in your home or have a venue you would like to share.

Here are some photos of the last “ At Home” experience

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Get growing Garden page

Look for approaching Spring 2020 opportunities.
Get ready to dig in the dirt!!
More information coming soon!!

Do you want your child to have a fun summer experience by learning to grow, prepare, and cook a nutritious meal? Then your kids need to attend Ready, Set, Grow!

By enrolling your child in the Unity Point Health program, they will have the opportunity to learn about gardening, agriculture, and healthy food preparation. Children will get to learn hands on skills about planting, watering, and weeding a garden. They will then learn how to prepare healthy recipes using they food they’ve grown, as well as the importance of healthy eating for life. This is a fun summer experience you won’t want them to miss out on!

Hosted by Unity Point Health Pediatric health experts along with food and nutrition educator, Luann Alemao, this class will allow children to explore the importance of healthy eating is a Blue This course is a day camp which runs from June to September

Sessions are scheduled for 9:30-10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. – noon.


Visit to learn more and find registration information.