Cell phone leadership

I have been reflecting over the past few months and watching behavior with our portable devices that we insistently carry . Can our best work be done with checking our phones every few minutes for that call we just can’t seem to miss? Can your best work really be done when send text messages to others while engaging in mulitiple activities? What kind of modeling are we sending when your teenager is trying to talk to you and you are checking your text messages?
The heart of a leader strives to bring out the best in others and how can you sincerely do that when your not mindfully there. We need to develop deep connections with others, It is part of our emotional well being and digital devices are powerful and can wither away those relationships when we abuse it. Can texts messages really replace the human quality in a voice?

As we become more aware of our habits and behavior we need to prioritize how we want to act and live and which realtionships we cherish and need to strengthen.