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Speaker and Coach of Blue Zones, LLC
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Luann is an expertly trained Blue Zones, LLC speaker/coach who embraces an active healthier life style. Luann is a visionary advocate of a healthy life style in her own community of Cedar Falls , Iowa. Over 6 years ago Luann arranged having author/explorer, Dan Buettner, be a keynote speaker at a local conference which introduced the Blue Zones concepts to the mayor and the community. Luann was instrumental in serving on the leadership team, paving the way for Cedar Falls to eventually be selected as a Blue Zones certified city. Luann leads the walking Moai community,  as well as helping direct the restaurant and nutrition teams in her metro area. Luann is also on the Pedestrian/ Bicycle Advisory Board in Cedar Falls where the bikeability and walkability of her city is constantly being evaluated and developed.

People in our society, and perhaps this includes you, crave to live better and to live longer. We need to start to change our world, one person at a time. It doesn’t matter what age you are, the Blue Zones project is here to help guide you to better well-being. Take a look at the possibilities in your community by asking Luann to come speak or coach you. She is well versed in living the Blue Zones lifestyle and wants to assist you, your organization, and your community.

The Power 9 Principles as illustrated above is your most powerful tool to use in planning greater well-being. Luann implements the Power 9 through her cooking courses.  In her cooking courses she teaches all ages about healthy food and healthy eating. She speaks on behalf of the Blue Zones, LLC, and coaches others to build and sustain a better, more fulfilling life. She is an engaging and positive speaker/coach who will assist you in applying Blue Zones principles in your life and community.  Luann is ready to work with you and your organization.

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Blue Zone Testimonials

“Luann is engaging, insightful and the issue she addressed is certainly relevant. Her commitment to continue to champion the Blue Zone movement in her neighborhood is inspiring. We need more of her in every community.”

Oluwarotimi Odeh, PhD., MBA.


What caught my eye when Luann was presenting was the way she spoke to the audience. Unlike most speakers I have heard, I was interested throughout the entire presentation because of her jokes and side comments. Sometimes she would tie the material to real life and provide examples. I was also impressed about the fluidity of the entire presentation. She was very knowledgeable and prepared, and it showed as she was speaking.”

-Andres, California State University Stanislaus Student




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