” Be Scentsfull “

After a couple of etiquette lectures on various college campuses it has come to my mind that we are not aware of our own scents. What do I mean, that our application of colognes and perfumes can very much be harmful to others.
When attending a holiday party or working in closely in an office space we need to be keep in mind that “less is more” when it comes to apply “scents”. It seems lately that I have heard of people becoming ill, having to leave their offices , because their co- workers are heavily scented. We need to keep in mind that when dealing with the public we need to be sensitive to our colognes and perfumes and not everyone wants to smell ” la perfume” as though it had  been applied by the garden hose.
Keep your scents subtle and sexy. We often don’t smell our own applications , so we are the poorest judge of scent. Just a half of a mist from the bottle is just enough lingering scent that is attractive , but not overpowering. In this time of cheer, parties, family and friends and enjoying  the holidays, please consider the others around you and ” be scentsfull!”