After the Holiday Greetings

Holiday cards imageThose holiday cards are stuffed and labeled and just need stamps. They have been sitting on your desk and you keep debating ” Do I still send them?” The answer is ” Yes!” .
It is rather refreshing to receiving a card in January when you have more space and time to sit down and enjoy the letter. With being in touch so easy these days, why do we hesitate when it is hard mail? Here are some ideas to make your holiday card sending less of a chore and more a gift.
– When you take the family photo, take it some other time of year to use for holiday giving. You will hesitate less if it doesn’t have the Christmas tree or holiday lights in the background.
– Embrace your lateness. Include a note that says ” I wanted to be the last person to wish you a Happy New Year.” After all we really don’t know when Christ was born so February card receiving is still acceptable.
– Remember, it is still the thought that counts and you are thinking of them. Receiving cards later can be very joyous for the receiver especially after the craziness of the holidays and hearing from a special family or friend member may be the uplift that is needed.