Meet Luann

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Luann is an active citizen of the Cedar Valley and has been for many years. Her passion to educate others in the area of wellness stems from her own wellness oriented lifestyle. Growing up on the California west coast, healthy food was a large part of her upbringing and has remained a constant in her life. Luann shares this passion with the Cedar Valley every day, as well as with all of her clients, through her cooking classes and etiquette workshops. Luann also takes inspiration from the exploring and traveling that she has done, which translates into her business. Visiting numerous countries, Luann has observed many cultures and etiquette practices, and continually brings what she has learned back to share with others.

Luann has a degree in Family and Consumer Science from California State University, Fresno, as well as a graduate degree in Human Relations, Family Life Education and Wellness from the University of Nebraska and the University of Northern Iowa. Her graduate work is what led her to her passion in wellness and nutrition.

As a lifelong learner, Luann continues to grow and challenge herself. She holds a certificate from Toastmaster’s International in public speaking, communication, and leadership. She is also a Blue Zones pioneer, originally bringing it to the Cedar Valley, and was integral in Cedar Falls being declared a Blue Zones community. To be a Blue Zones certified community is to be officially recognized as a place where people live longer, healthier lives. Luann is actively advocating for and supporting that ideal through all she does.

Please continue to explore the website to learn more about the class, services, and opportunities for growth she offers.